Sustainability Agenda 2020–2025

Sustainability Agenda crystallizes our sustainability themes and targets for the strategy period 2020–2025. The agenda focuses on four themes, People and safety, Sustainable nonwovens, Low impact manufacturing and Corporate citizenship. We monitor the progress in different areas regularly. 

People and safety

Occupational safety and the overall well-being of employees is a priority for Suominen. We invest in increasing employee engagement and continue to build a high performance culture. We continue to strengthen our safety culture.

Low impact manufacturing

For Suominen, environmental responsibility means efficient utilization of resources with the smallest possible impact on the environment. We continuously strive to reduce the environmental impacts caused by our operations.

Sustainable nonwovens

The nonwovens market has rapidly changed towards sustainable alternatives. Main drivers being consumers’ growing awareness of environmental issues and legislation. EU’s Single-Use Plastics Directive drives global emphasis on plastic free products. We at Suominen are well positioned to respond to this change. We launched our first plastic-free product already over 15 years ago.

Corporate citizenship

Suominen operates responsibly and consistently throughout the world. We promote responsible operations in our supply chain and in society at large by respecting human rights, being a good corporate citizen and minimizing the environmental impact of our own operations. We adhere to high ethical standards in all our activities.