Greenhouse gas emissions

Suominen reports its direct greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1) and its indirect greenhouse gas emissions from purchased energy production (Scope 2) according to the Greenhouse gas protocol. Direct greenhouse gases originate from the consumption of fossil fuels used mainly for the generation of process heat. Indirect emissions are caused by the production of purchased electricity and steam.

Our target is 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per ton of product by 2025, the baseline being 2019. In 2022, we reached the target of 20% reduction per ton of product compared to the baseline.

As a part of our work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, all our European sites have shifted entirely to fossil-free electricity since 2021. This shift was a remarkable step towards our greenhouse gas reduction target. Suominen is examining similar opportunities for its sites in the Americas. Another push towards renewable electricity was the installment of solar panels in Alicante in 2022. Suominen is evaluating opportunities for more solar panel investments.

We are continuously looking for ways to decrease greenhouse gas emissions from our operations.