Stakeholder dialogue

Suominen’s stakeholders are entities or individuals that have an impact on or are impacted by our business. Our stakeholder groups differ greatly, and thus the focus areas and the channels of communication vary according to each groups’ interests and needs. Continuous interaction with our stakeholders is a key aspect in Suominen’s approach to sustainability.

Stakeholder dialogue provides important insights into the expectations and concerns our stakeholders have and helps us to identify the opportunities and risks in our operating environment. We want to engage in open and continuous dialogue with our stakeholders and strive for transparent communication through various channels.

Suominen started a double materiality assessment in 2023. The process includes a stakeholder survey sent to stakeholders – such as customers, employees, institutional investors, suppliers, industry associations and owners – and interviews with key stakeholders.

Suominen has conducted a materiality assessment previously in 2019 and 2021. The results of the 2019 assessment served as the basis for our Sustainability Agenda for the period 2020–2025 and the 2021 assessment ensured that the material topics, key objectives and focus areas of the Sustainability Agenda 2020–2025 corresponded still to our stakeholders’ expectations and thus remained valid. Based on the surveys, the six most material sustainability topics for Suominen are ecofriendly products, health and safety, energy efficiency, waste prevention, financial stability, and employee engagement.