Remuneration of the Board of Directors

The AGM held on March 24, 2022 confirmed the remuneration of the Board of Directors. The Chair will be paid an annual fee of EUR 70,000 and the Deputy Chair and other Board members an annual fee of EUR 33,000. Chair of the Audit Committee will be paid an additional fee of EUR 10,000.

Further, the members of the Board will receive a fee for each Board and Committee meeting as follows: EUR 500 for each meeting held in the home country of the respective member, EUR 1,000 for each meeting held elsewhere than in the home country of the respective member and EUR 500 for each meeting held as telephone conference.

75% of the annual fee is paid in cash and 25% in Suominen Corporation’s shares. The shares will be transferred out of the own shares held by the company by the decision of the Board of Directors within two weeks from the date on which the interim report of January-March 2022 of the company is published.

Compensation for expenses is paid in accordance with the company's valid travel policy.