According to its Articles of Association, Suominen has one auditor which must be an entity of Certified Public Accountants approved by the Finnish Central Chamber of Commerce. The term of the auditor shall expire at the end of the first Annual General Meeting of Shareholders following the election. The auditors and the Audit Committee agree annually on an audit plan.

Audit in 2024

The Annual General Meeting held on April 4, 2024 re-elected Ernst & Young Oy, Authorized Public Accountant firm, as the auditor of the company. Ernst & Young Oy appointed Toni Halonen, Authorized Public Accountant, as the principally responsible auditor of the company. 

Audit in 2023

In 2023 the auditor of the company was Authorized Public Accountant firm Ernst & Young Oy, and the principally responsible auditor was Authorized Public Accountant Toni Halonen.

Audit fees in 2023

Auditor's fees and services, Suominen Group

EUR thousand



Non-audit related fees (tax and other consulting fees)




Updated on April 5, 2024