Shareholders' Nomination Board

Suominen has a permanent Shareholders’ Nomination Board established by the 2013 Annual General Meeting. The Nomination Board is responsible for preparing and presenting to the Annual General Meeting and, if necessary, to an Extraordinary General Meeting, proposals on the remuneration of the Board, the number of members of the Board and on the members and the Chair of the Board. In addition, the Nomination Board is responsible for seeking potential successors for the Board members.

The Nomination Board consists of four members, three of which are appointed by the company’s three largest shareholders who appoint one member each. The largest shareholders shall be determined on the basis of the registered holdings in the company’s shareholders’ register held by Euroclear Finland Ltd as of the first working day in September. The Chair of Suominen's Board of Directors serves as the fourth member. The Nomination Board is established to exist and serve until the General Meeting of the company decides otherwise.

The members are nominated annually, and their term of office ends when new members are nominated to replace them. The members of the Nomination Board shall be independent of the company, and a person belonging to the company’s operative management cannot be a member of the Nomination Board.

Composition of the Nomination Board in 2023

The Shareholders' Nomination Board consists of the following members:

  • Jyrki Vainionpää, representing Ahlstrom Capital B.V.
  • Mikael Etola, CEO of Etola-Yhtiöt, representing both Etola Group Oy and Oy Etra Invest Ab
  • Jaakko Eskola, Chair of Suominen Board of Directors

The Nomination Board decided to invite Peter Seligson, Chair of the Board of Directors of A. Ahlström Corporation, to attend the Nomination Board’s meetings as an advisor.

The Nomination Board submits its proposals on the Board composition and remuneration to Suominen’s Board of Directors annually no later than on February 1, prior to the Annual General Meeting.


Updated on April 5, 2024