Key figures

This page presents  calculation formulas for the financial figures, debt information as well as the mid-term financial targets.

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Key figures


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  7-9/2021 7-9/2020 1-9/2021 1-9/2020 1-12/2020
Net sales, EUR million 98.7 115.4 327.6 347.8 458.9
Comparable EBITDA 4.2 18.1 38.1 47.4 60.9
Comparable EBITDA, % 4.3 15.7 11.6 13.6 13.3
EBITDA 4.2 18.1 38.1 47.4 60.9
Operating profit, EUR million -0.8 12.9 23.1 31.0 39.5
Operating profit, % -0.9 11.2 7.0 8.9 8.6
Profit for the period, EUR million -1.7 10.9 18.2 22.8 30.1
Cash flow from operations, EUR million -8.9 20.1 8.2 39.1 57.0
Cash flow from operations per share, EUR -0.16 0.35 0.14 0.68 0.99
Earnings per share, basic, EUR -0.03 0.19 0.32 0.40 0.52
Return on invested capital, rolling 12 months, % 11.8 13.8 16.7
Gearing, % 30.2 29.9 25.4






Calculation of key figures

Basic earnings per share (EPS) = Profit for the period adjusted with interest on hybrid bond, net of tax  
Share-issue adjusted average number of shares excluding treasury shares  
Diluted earnings per share (EPS) = Profit for the period  
Share-issue adjusted average number of shares excluding treasury shares  
Operating profit (EBIT) = Profit after depreciation, amortization and impairment  
Comparable operating profit (EBIT) = Profit after depreciation, amortization and impairment adjusted with items affecting comparability  
 In accordance with the recommendation by European Securities and Markets Authority, Suominen no longer presents operating profit excluding non-recurring items as an alternative performance measure. In order to improve the comparability of result between reporting periods, Suominen presents comparable operating profit as an alternative performance measure. Operating profit is adjusted with material items that are considered to affect comparability between reporting periods. These items include, among others, impairment losses or reversals of impairment losses, gains or losses from the sales of property, plant and equipment or intangible assets or other assets and restructuring costs.  
Cash flow from operations per share = Cash flow from operations  
Share-issue adjusted number of shares excluding treasury shares, end of reporting period  
Equity per share Total equity  
Share-issue adjusted number of shares excluding treasury shares, end of reporting period  
Dividend per share Dividend distributed for the reporting period  
Number of issued shares at end of the period excluding treasury shares    
Dividend payout ratio, % = (Dividend per share x 100)  
Basic earnings per share  
Dividend yield, % = (Dividend per share x 100)  
Share price at end of the period  
Price per earnings per share (P/E) = Share price at end of the period  
Basic earnings per share  
Market capitalization = Number of shares at the end of reporting period excluding treasury shares x share price at the end of period  
Share turnover = The proportion of number of shares traded during the period to weighted average number of shares excluding treasury shares  
EBITDA = Profit before depreciation, amortization and impairment (EBIT + depreciation, amortization and impairment losses)  
Cash and cash equivalents = Cash + other financial assets  
Interest-bearing net debt = Interest-bearing liabilities - interest-bearing receivables - cash and cash equivalents  
Return on equity (ROE), % (Profit for the reporting period (rolling 12 months) x 100)  
Total equity (quarterly average)  
Invested capital = Total equity + interest-bearing liabilities  
Return on invested capital (ROI), % = (Operating profit + financial income (rolling 12 months) x 100)  
Invested capital, quarterly average  
Equity ratio, % = (Total equity x 100)  
(Total assets - advances received)  
Gearing, % = (Interest-bearing net debt x 100)  
Total equity  


Financial targets


Suominen's Board of Directors has set the following financial targets for the strategy period 2020-2025:

  • Net sales growth during the period: above relevant market growth
  • EBITDA margin by 2025: above 12% 
  • Gearing during the period:  40-80%, including the effect of IFRS 16 Leases

The company applies the accounting principles and formulas used in the Financial Statements.

How to get there?


Growth   Profitability   Gearing

Sustainable products growing above the market

Innovation to capture the market growth

Targeted investments to meet the growing demand


Effective utilization of production lines

Margin improvement through new products as well as production and raw material efficiency

Continued fixed cost control


Balanced investment plan

Maintain healthy cash flow from operations


Debt information


EUR 50 million bond

Stock exchange release: Suominen issues EUR 50 million bond

Stock exchange release: Listing Prospectus for Suominen Corporation’s EUR 50 million bond available; listing application submitted 

Listing prospectus (pdf)

Bond guarantee (pdf)

New credit facility

Suominen has entered into a single-currency syndicated revolving credit facility agreement of EUR 100 million with a maturity of three years with two one-year extension options. The lenders for the facility are Danske Bank A/S, Finland Branch and Nordea. The new credit facility includes leverage ratio and gearing as financial covenants.

The margin of the facility will increase or decrease dependent on Suominen meeting two sustainability key performance indicators (“KPI”), namely:

  • Increase in the sales of sustainable products
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

The new credit facility replaces the existing EUR 100 million syndicated revolving credit facility agreement of Suominen provided by Nordea and Svenska Handelsbanken AB (publ), Branch Operation in Finland as the lenders.

View the press release

Press release: Suominen extends the maturity of its revolving credit facility by one year

EUR 85 million bond

Suominen Corporation issues a senior unsecured bond of EUR 85 million. The bond matures on 3 October 2022, it carries a fixed annual interest at the rate of 2.50 percent and has an issue price of 100.00 percent. The proceeds from the bond offering will be partially used for the partial repurchase of Suominen Corporation’s unsecured EUR 75 million, 4.375 percent fixed-rate notes due 2019 (ISIN: FI4000108576), and the remaining proceeds may be used for general corporate purposes.

Suominen will apply for the listing of the bond on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority has approved the listing prospectus of the bond and it is available as a pdf file through the link provided below.

The prospectus or the information therein may not be downloaded or distributed, directly or indirectly, for persons residing in United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa or any other jurisdiction in which the distribution or release would be unlawful. Click here to accept the terms and start dowloading the prospectus (pdf file)