Suominen’s vision is to be the leader in nonwovens innovation and sustainability. Sustainability is also one of the key themes in our R&D.

Suominen is a pioneer in producing sustainable nonwovens, and our versatile R&D team has excellent know-how in sustainable fibers. Our pilot lines at Nakkila and Windsor Locks sites support our innovation work by, for example, enabling testing of prototypes. By continuously developing new and innovative solutions with a reduced environmental impact, we are able to provide a comprehensive offering of sustainable nonwovens to our customers.

In addition to creating new sustainable products, we see the importance of evaluating and minimizing the environmental impacts of all our products. Providing carbon footprints for products is a rising trend due to ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets set by both societies and companies. We have calculated the carbon footprints of our products. This means that greenhouse gases associated with the product in different stages of its value chain are added up to gain a full understanding of the climate impact of each product.

Share of new products exceeded
of net sales in 2023

Sales of sustainable products increased
in 2023 from base year 2019

R&D professionals

Carbon footprint values provide a comparison between our products within a product portfolio, enabling our customers to find the most climate-friendly option for their applications. Suominen has launched Climate App, a platform that provides comparable data of our products, enableing customers to choose a suitable product with lower greenhouse gas emissions. By offering products with lower environmental burden without compromising on the quality, we are able to support our customers to reduce the environmental impact of their own products and to achieve their own sustainability goals.

Introducing Suominen’s pilot lines and testing facilities

Suominen has excellent know-how in sustainable nonwovens and variety of piloting and testing possibilities. Close collaboration with our partners enables us to bring new sustainable nonwovens to the market.

Suominen's R&D in brief

Pioneer in sustainable products

  • BIOLACE® sustainable product portfolio since 2007
  • We invented the dispersible wetlaid spunlace category for moist toilet tissues – HYDRASPUN® product family

Strong R&D

  • 15 R&D professionals
  • Focus on sustainability and customization
  • Excellent know-how in sustainable fibers
  • New Fiber Center and Green Lab
  • Pilot lines to support R&D and fast go-to-markets

Technology fit for sustainable nonwovens

  • 7 plants - all capable of using sustainable raw materials
  • Pulp capability
  • We are able to tailor-make our products according to customers' different definitions of sustainability

New Fiber Center

New Fiber Center aims to speed up Suominen’s fiber developing activities.

Product launches

Optimal cleaning and disinfecting performance with NOVONETTE™

Suominen's unique NOVONETTE™ material delivers optimal, high-quality cleaning performance.

GENESIS® Nonwovens – New patterns for multiple cleaning needs

Suominen’s GENESIS® products are ideal for a variety of cleaning applications. The GENESIS® product line has a long-established reputation for durability and exceptional fluid management.  

Success of BIOLACE® Pure with patterning

Suominen is a frontrunner for nonwoven sustainability and innovation. Two years ago, we launched plastic-free biodegradable BIOLACE® Pure products, and they have been success ever since. Clearly, market is moving towards more sustainable biodegradable nonwovens and the trend continues to grow.

R&D news

HYDRASPUN® Circula wins EDANA’s INDEX™23 Award at INDEX™23 exhibition

Suominen’s HYDRASPUN® Circula won EDANA’s INDEX™23 Award at INDEX™23 exhibition, held in Palexpo, Geneva on April 18 – 23, 2023. HYDRASPUN® Circula was selected from the EDANA’s shortlisted entries in the category of nonwoven roll goods, showcasing how innovation and sustainability are driving the nonwovens industry forward.

Carbon neutral fibers now available to Suominen’s customers in North America

Certified carbon neutral VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers have so far been available in Suominen’s European plants. We are excited to announce that we will now be expanding availability to the North American market.

Suominen Sustainability & New Fiber Seminar was a great success

Suominen has a strong background in R&D and sustainable fibers. On that basis, Suominen held a Sustainability & New Fiber Seminar in Nakkila on February 28 – March 1, 2023. The Seminar gathered around fifty participants from across the nonwoven production value chain. The Seminar was a remarkable success, receiving over the top feedback.