Optimal cleaning and disinfecting performance with NOVONETTE™

Suominen's unique NOVONETTE™ material delivers optimal, high-quality cleaning performance.

NOVONETTE™ “Big Diamond” pattern

The diamond shaped pattern and the light exfoliating texture of Suominen’s NOVONETTE™ makes it ideal for personal and medical care applications. NOVONETTE™ really shines when used on skin to pick up fine particles, oil-based substances, or to clean and prepare the skin.

The combination of NOVONETTE™’s “Big Diamond” -pattern, fiber selection, and manufacturing process all work together to make a material with soft ridges that gently lift, remove, and store unwanted material from the skin. 

In addition, NOVONETTE™ has low lint and high absorbency in wide range of weights which makes it perfectly applicable for numerous critical care, beauty, and professional applications.

“The versatility of the NOVONETTE™ material performance and pattern equity makes it an obvious choice for those that are looking to create new products for personal care, professional and medical applications,” says Jon Arendt, Senior Manager, Category Management, Americas.

Unique patterns to support functionality

The NOVONETTE™ pattern’s utilizes specialized pick-up pockets that provide optimized fluid release and reabsorption helping to remove unwanted material from the surface and hold it for disposal.  The bond patterns also help provide excellent strength through optimized pattern and bond area enabling the material to be used in a wide range of applications from industrial polishing, cleanroom preparation, and skin preparation. 

In summary, NOVONETTE™ provides premium features in broad applications

NOVONETTE™’s fluid handling and low lint properties are critical for medical preparation, wound care and surgical environments which can help reduce hospital acquired infections. With the help of exceptional fluid management and formulation compatibility, NOVONETTE™ can help to ensure optimal cleaning and disinfecting efficacy.

NOVONETTE™ with the “Big Diamond” pattern provides light exfoliation and stimulation for the skin along with an excellent cleaning capabilities. This material has a long-demonstrated success in the professional and personal care markets.

The light abrasive texture of NOVONETTE™ with “Small Diamond” and “7 Dot” patterns provide optimal cleaning features and dimensional stability providing low lint and excellent strength. It works best in medical, personal care and professional segments.