Why choose Suominen?

Being a good employer is a strategic priority for Suominen. This means creating positive energy in the workplace, having committed staff, everyone doing as they promise, and providing a fair environment in which everyone is treated equally and fairly.

A safe workplace and employee wellbeing are our top priorities. We encourage everyone to create a positive atmosphere and discuss matters openly. Our working culture is flexible. Read more about Suominen here.

Good reasons to choose Suominen

  • Suominen employs nearly 700 people in various positions worldwide. We are an optimally sized company with a flat hierarchy in which employees get to know each other. As a truly international company, we have production facilities in eight factories on three continents. Each and every employee is important to us.
  • Suominen is a listed company and a world leader in the manufacture of nonwovens. Our roots are in the Nordic countries.
  • Suominen’s values — ownership, teamwork, performance and intergrity — are visible in everything we do alongside our various stakeholders.
  • We have a flexible working culture favorable to achieving a balance between work and leisure.
  • Our onboarding program has been thanked by new employees
  • Sustainability has been important to us for many years; we are serious about environmental issues and sustainable development. We are a pioneer in the development of innovative and responsible nonwovens. Read more about our Sustainability Agenda here.
  • We aim to strengthen our employer brand and become an even more attractive employer.
  • We want to promote a culture of high performance. Building such culture is a key part of Suominen's new strategy and Sustainability Agenda. We are continuously developing our processes and practices to help us promote and reward excellence. Read more here.
  • As an employer, Suominen encourages its staff to adopt a culture of continuous learning, by offering training and career opportunities.