BIOLACE® Ultrasoft - Premium softness from plant-based raw materials

Baby and personal care markets are making a turn toward more sustainable products for sensitive skin without compromising on high quality and performance. BIOLACE® Ultrasoft was developed to deliver on both the sustainability demands and the performance, and quality you would expect from Suominen.

Consumers continue to want softer sustainable products for use against the skin and sensitive areas. Suominen has developed a product that matches the consumers’ need via BIOLACE® Ultrasoft, a 100% sustainable wipe using hand selected fibers combined with an optimized process which delivers a nonwoven with exceptional softness and premium appearance compared to market feedback. 

Based on the internal consumer panel testing for look and feel, all consumers expressed that the BIOLACE® Ultrasoft was the softer wipe in both dry and wet state compared to standard BIOLACE® with like fibers in the same basis weight. In addition, visual appearance was compared and BIOLACE® Ultrasoft stood out clearly looking more textile like and high-quality fabric. 

Beyond the consumer panel, the structure and composition of BIOLACE® Ultrasoft enable directionally higher cleaning efficiency compared to same basis weight spunlace with like fibers as well as nearly 20% increase in dry thickness. These improvements have led to superior cleaning efficiency. 

”We are excited to bring BIOLACE® Ultrasoft to our portfolio here in the Americas and continue to bring meaningful performance improvements to the markets we serve.  BIOLACE® Ultrasoft provides improved softness, opacity, and cleaning performance that consumers are looking for in their sustainable wipe,” says Andrew Charleston, Manager, Category Management, Americas.

All products in Suominen’s sustainable BIOLACE® product family are made exclusively from renewable plant based raw materials and are biodegradable and compostable.