HYDRASPUN® Select offers balance between strength, softness and flushability

Suominen invented, patented, and introduced its HYDRASPUN® - moist toilet tissue products to the market in the 1990s and has remained a global market leader in moist toilet tissues with high flushability standards. Keeping with its leadership position, HYDRASPUN® Select has been added to our well established portfolio of moist toilet tissues offerings. 

In addition to flushability, consumers demand strength and a solid feel from moist toilet tissues.

Strength and flushability as a growing demand 

Today's moist tissue wipes market is driven by strict flushability standards and an ever changing list of consumer needs, with a growing number of new companies entering the market to meet the growing demand.   

In addition to flushability, consumers demand strength and a solid feel from moist toilet tissue products, which HYDRASPUN® Select provides. Like other products in the HYDRASPUN® family, internal testing shows HYDRASPUN® Select to be completely flushable under the GD4 slosh box flushability criteria. This provides peace of mind during disposal.   

It is significant to note that HYDRASPUN® Select's modified fiber blend provides increased strength compared to many moist toilet tissue products. This is a positive outcome for both converters and consumers.   

Along with its 100% sustainable raw material composition, HYDRASPUN® Select has been designed to meet the performance and aesthetic needs of consumers in the personal care market today. 


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Andrew D. Charleston

Manager, Category Management, Americas


HYDRASPUN® Select has excellent tensile strength in addition to good dispersibility and softness.