Suominen takes step forward in GHG calculations by defining Scope 3 emissions

Corporate carbon footprint is measured taking into account three different scopes. Since 2016, Suominen has evaluated Scopes 1 & 2 emission annually and set reduction targets for those. Now, Suominen has strengthened its emission calculations by defining its Scope 3 emissions for the first time.


Scope 3 withholds those indirect emissions that are caused by activities we are indirectly responsible for in the whole value chain. The calculations were made in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.

During the project, Suominen identified the most relevant of the 15 emission categories under Scope 3, ultimately including 11 in the calculations. The comprehensive approach required extensive data management and collaboration across the supply chain. “Scope 3 calculations demand a lot of resources and support from the entire value chain. We were able to manage this challenge well and this milestone marks a new chapter in the company's ongoing climate work," says Noora Rantanen, Manager, Sustainability & Marketing. 

In the manufacturing industry, typically the largest GHG burden is carried with Scope 3. Therefore, to be able to mitigate company’s climate change impact, it is vital to evaluate the overall impact of each of the three Scopes. The calculations revealed that 83% of Suominen's total GHG emissions originate from the Scope 3, with the most substantial source being Category 1, which includes purchased goods and services. 

The next phase of Suominen's climate work will involve a thorough analysis of the results to identify emission reduction opportunities and further collaboration with suppliers in climate work. “Sustainability is a joint effort, and it requires collaboration between companies in the value chain to be successful in it. We hope that many of our suppliers will join us in this journey”, Rantanen concludes.

Suominen’s target is 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which consists of Scope 1 and 2, per ton of product by 2025, compared to the baseline year 2019. Our aim is to set a target for Scope 3 as well.

Corporate carbon footprint - emission categories irrelevant for Suominen are marked with light grey