Sustainable and sensitive patient cleaning

The ever-aging population world-wide means more and more people require assistance in maintaining personal hygiene in various care facilities and at home care. There is a great need for cleaning products and implements that are easy to use for healthcare professionals that reduce contamination risk in healthcare environments and provide a sustainable alternative for textiles that require thorough cleaning with water and chemicals.

What makes a high-quality cleansing material?

Materials for wet wipes and bathing clothes used for patient cleaning need to be soft, as aging skin is very thin, fragile, and delicate. It is important not to damage the skin while cleaning. The material must be strong so that they offer better protection for care givers. If the wipes are used as gloves, they need to keep their shape even when wet. They also must be highly absorbent, and the texture benefits from patterns like dots and oblique giving extra cleanability. Wipes for incontinence care are convenient to use since they can be flushed safely. 

Suominen’s solutions to sustainable patient cleaning

Suominen’s portfolio includes different nonwovens suitable for efficient, gentle, and sustainable patient care. 

BIOLACE® product family

The products of BIOLACE® family are made of natural cellulosic fibers that are biodegradable and compostable. The fibers in BIOLACE® products are bonded with water with no added chemicals. They have excellent softness and cleanability properties. 

BIOLACE® Pure is 100% natural solution made of biodegradable, compostable, and renewable plant-based fibers, and wood pulp. It is a 3-layer material with pulp core giving optimal lotion management properties. It can be used for both soft wipes and patient gloves and it has a textile-like, natural feel that is gentle on the skin. BIOLACE® Pure is available with dots and oblique pattern to enhance cleaning efficiency.

HYDRASPUN® product family

The products of HYDRASPUN® family are designed for wipes being flushed and are therefore ideal for incontinence area. They are sturdy in-use yet highly dispersible. The products are produced from 100% biodegradable and compostable raw materials and meet the latest dispersibility standards. 


SPC™ can be used for patient gloves as they keep their shape without stretching when wet. Its 3-layer construction with a pulp core gives good lotion management properties. The patterns and high pulp content give it better cleaning properties. Whilst this product is not plastic-free, it has very high natural wood pulp content which enables a low carbon footprint compared to other wipe raw materials containing plastic.