Suominen’s pulp-based nonwovens

Increased legislation and growing environmental awareness are rapidly transforming the nonwovens market to become more sustainable. Suominen has decades of experience in researching and developing products that address consumer needs, sustainability, and proper disposal. Pulp containing products is one example of our product lines that are manufactured with sustainability as a guiding principle.

Our pulp containing products are manufactured with sustainability as a guiding principle. We are proud to say that our product lines, GENESIS® and HYDRASPUN® offer the widest range of pulp-based products for cleaning and personal care applications. 

Pulp-based products’ unique qualities make a real difference in use. High pulp content produces a soft material, the texture enables consistent surface contact in cleaning, and strength of the material minimizes tearing during conversion and roping during dispensing. In addition, the product’s composition optimizes lotion retention and release.

GENESIS® – Sustainable and durable cleaning 

The GENESIS® cleaning activity product line is known for its sustainable wood pulp content as well as durability and fluid management. Our products have been engineered to offer an ideal combination of attributes that consumers consider essential to effective cleaning. GENESIS® is primarily used in medium to heavy duty cleaning applications for hard surface disinfection. Furthermore, the material has also been approved for use in select medical applications.  

Strong and durable GENESIS® products ensure that users can concentrate on cleaning and rely on the product even in the most demanding situations. GENESIS® products have a strong surface contact and effective particle pick-up. The composite structure ensures exceptional fluid control. GENESIS® is proven effective with EPA registered disinfectants from Lonza and Stepan.

HYDRASPUN® – Soft and sustainable personal care

Suominen has received several awards for its innovations in moist toilet tissue products. HYDRASPUN® moist toilet tissue is made from cellulosic fibers and contains no plastic. HYDRASPUN® grades have been confirmed to pass GD4 and IWSFG dispersibility standards. 

HYDRASPUN® products have ideal strength, a very pleasant feel and extreme absorbency, and are also easily degradable in the sewer after use. The products are manufactured without the use of any binders or chemicals and the raw materials are fully biodegradable and compostable.