Suominen’s moist toilet tissue products – Supporting circular economy and sustainability by utilizing innovative raw materials

Suominen’s ability to innovate and utilize new and industry-shaping raw materials helps our customers to differentiate their products while simultaneously creating a more sustainable nonwoven industry. Suominen has decades of experience in researching and developing products that take into consideration consumer needs, sustainability, and correct disposal.

Alternative and innovative raw materials make your products stand out. We are constantly developing and trialling new alternative fibers, tree-free flax being the latest. In addition, we have developed a moist toilet tissue nonwoven produced with recycled paper fibers in our wetlaid production, and we are very proud of the results – results that have been receiving industry accolades such as the EDANA’s INDEX™ 23 Award at INDEX™23 exhibition earlier this year,” rejoices Johanna Kivistö, Manager, Category Management, Europe.

The use of recycled fibers and tree-free materials supports circular economy and sustainability. The use of flax as a tree-free solution helps to reduce the amount of virgin wood pulp.

Differentiation with alternative raw materials in HYDRASPUN® products

All Suominen’s moist toilet tissue products are produced from cellulosic fibres and contain no plastic. The HYDRASPUN® products are distinguishable by their optimal strength in-use, premium touch, absorption and dispersibility after disposal. They are produced without binders or chemicals from 100 % biodegradable and compostable raw materials.

Moist toilet tissue with recycled paper

HYDRASPUN® Circula, Suominen’s first ever nonwoven made with recycled paper, is a moist toilet tissue which supports the circular economy and sustainable production by utilizing fibers from recycled paper without compromising the end product quality. It is biodegradable and can be used in multiple applications.

Moist toilet tissue with flax

Moist toilet tissue products usually include wood based cellulosic fibers. Suominen is currently testing the use of flax as tree-free and plastic-free raw material to provide an alternative choice to our customers targeting for product differentiation.