Suominen’s HYDRASPUN® Reserve – Innovative moist toilet tissue with optimal dispersibility

Suominen’s unrivaled expertise in the moist toilet tissue product category is made even clearer with our innovative HYDRASPUN® Reserve, a standard basis weight moist toilet tissue with premier dispersibility.

“Efficient dispersibility is one of the wipes’ most strictly regulated criteria. We are happy to say that HYDRASPUN® Reserve meets even the most stringent standards currently published by wastewater authorities,” says Andrew Charleston, Manager, Category Management, Americas.

Proven efficiency 

HYDRASPUN® Reserve is a common basis weight moist toilet tissue. It has been proven to pass both International Water Services Flushability Group (IWSFG) and INDA/EDANA (GD4) standards.

HYDRASPUN® Reserve is primarily meant to be used in moist toilet tissue products, but it is also well suited for other personal care uses.  It has a single layer wetlaid construction merging pulp and short cut viscose fibers.

Part of Suominen's acclaimed HYDRASPUN® family

All Suominen's moist toilet tissue products have been produced from cellulosic fibers and contain no plastic. The HYDRASPUN® products are distinguishable by their optimal strength in-use, premium touch, absorption and dispersibility after disposal.