Nubtex pattern – The latest addition to Suominen’s BIOLACE® product family

Suominen’s sustainable BIOLACE® product family of nonwovens is produced solely from renewable raw materials, natural fibers, or fibers from renewable sources with unique texture. The newest addition to the product family is a BIOLACE® product with Nubtex micro-dot pattern designed for those applications looking for more intense cleaning.

The pattern makes all the difference

Unique Nubtex micro-dot pattern combined with sustainable fibers for fluid management provide an exceptional material design for difficult cleaning tasks. The product is 100% biodegradable and compostable nonwoven best suited for personal care, household, and workplace use. 

”Compared to a standard dot pattern, the Nubtex pattern creates a more abrading surface area that aids in loosening dirt and debris for improved pick-up and removal from surfaces and skin,” explains Andrew Charleston, Manager, Category Management, Americas.

BIOLACE® product with Nubtex pattern qualities in a nutshell:

  • Made from sustainable, 100% biodegradable and compostable materials
  • The pattern provides gentle abrasion for improved cleaning and exfoliating
  • The combination of the unique pattern and sustainable fibers create an exceptional material designed to tackle difficult cleaning on hard surfaces and skin.


Nubtex micro-dot pattern

Nubtex micro-dot pattern