Sustainable household reflects consumer trends

Although the pandemic has subsided, consumers are still concerned about germs and are more engaged in cleaning activities at home. Wipes have played a significant role in household care for a long time. Most wet wipes contain non-recyclable plastic fibers that are never able to degrade, and therefore contribute to a large amount of plastic waste.  

According to Suominen’s test results, higher surface area with pulp improves cleaning efficiency and dirt pick-up compared to plastic-containing products.

Increasing consumer awareness regarding environmental issues and initiatives and regulations from organizations such as the European Union have resulted in a shift towards launching environmentally friendly products in Europe over the past few years. It is clear that the industry is continuing to place a strong emphasis on sustainability and reducing the environmental footprint of wipes.  

The BIOLACE® product family of nonwovens from Suominen is plastic-free and made with 100% plant-based, biodegradable, and compostable fibers that are further bonded without using any chemicals. 

BIOLACE® offering for general household wipes 

Effective cleaning with a sustainable approach creates a market for convenient and quick cleaning solutions, which Suominen can offer. The offering contains solutions for general purpose household wipes and higher basis weight floor cleaning wipes with nonwovens made of 100 % natural raw materials.  

To enhance cleaning performance, Suominen offers its expertise to create even more effective products with high-definition patterns and raw material selections. Patterns create efficiency in cleaning and enable consumers to save time. BIOLACE® Pure has multi-layered construction with pulp which adds surface area for better dirt pickup ensuring more efficient cleaning. The product structure helps in controlling liquid migration in the package ensuring that the topmost wipes in a stack are not too dry. With pulp fibers, the hydroembossed pattern clarity is better and more stable. 

The BIOLACE® product family offers soft and gentle nonwovens that can be utilized for a variety of applications, including pet wipes. In addition, Suominen offers nonwovens with FSC and PEFC certification requirements, upon request.  

Sustainable and effective floor care 

In addition to consumers being more engaged in their cleaning habits, they require effectiveness from their products. When used in floor care cleaning, products made from plant-based raw materials and sustainable sources must also be thick and durable. High thickness decreases friction against the surface, which makes cleaning easier. Suominen’s BIOLACE®, offering up to 80 g/m², has proven to be a reliable option for convenient cleaning not only for environmentally conscious consumers but also for those who appreciate effectiveness in their daily cleaning.  

Products with a three-layer structure and pulp core, like BIOLACE® Pure, have high absorption and lotion load with outer layers that enable controlled liquid release making it ideal for cleaning and floor care. According to Suominen’s test results, higher surface area with pulp improves cleaning efficiency and dirt pick-up compared to plastic-containing products. Therefore, these types of products meet consumer needs for sustainable, effective, and value-adding products.  

Suominen's capability to produce rolls with perforation

Suominen can produce perforation enabling half-sheet wipes in the end product. 

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