Shift to neutral: Suominen launches BIOLACE® Zero, a carbon neutral nonwoven product

Our vision is to be the frontrunner in sustainable nonwovens. The latest addition to our sustainable products portfolio, BIOLACE® Zero, is a carbon neutral nonwoven that will greatly support bringing that vision to life.

BIOLACE® Zero is made of 100% cellulosic carbon neutral VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers.

Suominen's new launch, the carbon neutral nonwoven BIOLACE® Zero is produced from carbon neutral VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers from our long-term partner Lenzing. Close collaboration between two industry frontrunners will benefit the whole nonwoven industry's sustainability efforts and targets.  

Carbon neutral and multi-purpose: BIOLACE® Zero  

BIOLACE® Zero is made of 100% cellulosic carbon neutral VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers. The product is 100% biodegradable, compostable and plastic free. BIOLACE® Zero has excellent wet and dry strength and improved softness. It can be used for many kinds of wiping applications like baby, personal care and household wipes. BIOLACE® Zero is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. FSC® and PEFC certifications are available on request. In addition, BIOLACE® Zero is certified as a carbon neutral product by ClimatePartner, a globally known solutions provider for corporate climate action.  

Collaboration with industry frontrunners support our sustainability work  

Sustainability is at the core of Suominen's strategy. Suominen acknowledges sustainability throughout the whole supply chain from the selection and production of raw materials to nonwovens production. We have a wide range of sustainable nonwoven products for different applications, and we are continuously developing new products.  

Combining our R&D team's excellent know-how on sustainable fibers and our partner's innovations furthers our goals in sustainability. The usage of carbon neutral VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers in nonwovens production will enable us to continue to build upon our already successful range of sustainable products made from renewable raw materials with a smaller carbon footprint. Certified carbon neutral VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers are available in Suominen's European plants. 

What does carbon neutral mean and how is it certified? 

Carbon neutrality means that the greenhouse gas emissions of nonwoven have been calculated – from the raw material production to the client’s production facility – reduced and are offset through certified carbon offset projects. Our BIOLACE® Zero is certified as a carbon neutral product by ClimatePartner. 

The ClimatePartner label guarantees the climate neutrality of the labeled product or service. The label means that the carbon emissions inevitably generated in the value chain are calculated, emissions are reduced where possible and the unavoidable emissions are offset via recognized carbon offset projects.  

For BIOLACE® Zero's part, we are supporting a forest protection program in Mataven, Columbia. The program helps support indigenous peoples to avoid deforestation. The initiative protects 1,150,200 hectares of tropical forests, safeguarding its biodiversity. It provides education, healthcare, sanitation, food security, nutrition, and further social benefits for 16,000 indigenous people. The project follows a holistic approach to make a lasting change in the behavior towards sustainable practices, forest protection, and conservation.