Covering all cleaning needs – Extending GENESIS® Pro and GENESIS® portfolio

The GENESIS® cleaning activity product line is well known for its durability, fluid management and sustainable wood pulp content. With GENESIS® Pro, Suominen extends the attributes of GENESIS® products to the heavy duty cleaning needs of the workplace and industrial segments.  

The new additions to the GENESIS® portfolio will add recommended use cases for the product line. The thicker GENESIS® Pro 70GSM is aimed for heavier cleaning areas such as workplace and institutional segments. The GENESIS® 35GSM, on the other hand, has the same solid attributes of GENESIS® range, but at a lighter basis weight makes it ideal for delicate cleaning needs in the household. 

“Both new products complement the existing GENESIS® range and each other as well, as they reinforce the effectiveness and value the whole GENESIS® line is renowned for. The GENESIS® Pro has been designed with heavy duty cleaning needs in mind, while the new GENESIS® 35GSM is aimed at light duty cleaning tasks,” explains Andrew Charleston, Manager, Category Management, Americas. 

Covering all cleaning needs and areas 

GENESIS® has a long-established history as a leading composite nonwoven. The range offers a suitable solution for most cleaning applications.  

GENESIS® Pro brings the benefits of a wetlaid composite to the high-end basis weight range. It offers three basis weight grades: 60GSM, 70GSM, and 95GSM. At the highest basis weight, the product brings durability and strong absorbency to heavier cleaning applications in either a wet or dry state. The two lighter basis weight grades offer versatility for medium to heavy cleaning tasks.  

The GENESIS® 35GSM with, for example, a diamond pattern is intended for lighter duty applications. Despite being a lighter product, it is still dimensionally strong with a substantial texture, ensuring no compromise in cleaning performance. 

GENESIS® products are most known for their: 

  • High sustainable content from a wood pulp base 
  • Composite structure for exceptional fluid management 
  • Hydratexture® formation for strong surface contact and particle pick-up  
  • Dimensional strength and durability  



GENESIS® is low linting nonwoven with excellent strength and lotion management abilities.


GENESIS® Pro is a pulp and synthetic fiber nonwoven for general purpose professional use. Durable, absorbent and bulky wiper is a reliable choice.