BIOLACE® Silva – The natural choice for environmentally friendly baby wipes

Suominen introduces also to European markets: BIOLACE® Silva, a nonwoven with exceptional cleaning power and even 50% lower carbon footprint than 100% viscose product. It is not only environmentally conscious consumers’ choice, but also for the consumer who values time and premium feel on the skin

BIOLACE® Silva uses the natural power of pulp to provide exceptional cleaning performance and cloth-like look and feel, making it a well-balanced nonwoven supporting multiple end uses in the consumer and professional markets.

BIOLACE® Silva works to reduce cleaning time and provide greater convenience by utilizing 150% more fiber surface area* compared to standard viscose for difficult cleaning tasks. In addition to its great cleaning abilities, BIOLACE® Silva is a premium wetlaid nonwoven with great strength and thickness. Due to its excellent stability and low 2:1 MD:CD ratio, it is perfect for easy converting and one-at-a-time dispensing.


Best for the baby

Markets for baby products are making a turn in consumer expectations and growing the market for more sustainable products for sensitive skin without compromising on high quality. By using plant based and plastic-free raw materials, Suominen has developed a product to match the values and expectations of consumers. Consumers are looking at the entire supply chain, so it is important for Suominen to create products that reduce CO2 already in the earlier stage of the supply chain.

Lower your carbon footprint

BIOLACE® Silva uses some of the best and most natural assets that our forests have to offer. BIOLACE® Silva is a biodegradable and compostable nonwoven using natural fibers with a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to viscose fibers.

Suominen not only claims BIOLACE® Silva as good for the environment but its cellulosic fiber content has also been confirmed through independent certification and is 100% biodegradable




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Marika Mäkilä

Manager, Category Management, EMEA


BIOLACE® Silva is a biodegradable nonwoven with exceptional cleaning performance and cloth-like look and feel.