BIOLACE® Cashmere – lifting natural luxury to the next level

The importance of natural and sustainable luxury has become more valuable to consumers, especially in the personal care space. BIOLACE® Cashmere is Suominen’s most premium spunlace product providing exceptional softness combined with great make-up removing and facial cleaning properties. Biodegradable, compostable, and plastic-free BIOLACE® Cashmere is part of Suominen’s sustainable portfolio. 

Environmental awareness and hypoallergenic claims are rising as consumers' focus on eco and natural products. BIOLACE® Cashmere utilizes natural fibers in many hypoallergenic products today, providing exceptional care for sensitive skin.  

“We are extremely pleased with all the feedback we have received about BIOLACE® Cashmere and the perceived luxury it provides. It is important for us to provide nonwovens to the market that will enable end-users to pamper themselves coming out the pandemic,” says Jon Arendt, Senior Manager, Category Management.   

BIOLACE® Cashmere is available in North America and Europe. If you want to know more about BIOLACE® Cashmere, please contact your local Suominen contact.   

BIOLACE® Cashmere

BIOLACE® Cashmere is Suominen's most premium product providing butter softness combined with superior cleaning properties. It utilizes natural fibers used only in many hypoallergenic products today providing exceptional care for sensitive skin.