Workplace nonwovens' demand growing

Workplace environments demand products that keep continually used surfaces clean and while offering exceptional value in cost-in-use performance. The growing industrial and institutional market continues to expand its use of wipes in foodservice, general cleaning, healthcare, and other specialty areas. 

Food service and general cleaning

Suominen nonwovens are ideal for workplace applications through the variety of blends they offer which deliver cleaning attributes suitable across the wide range of conditions needed in heavy use segments.

Food service and general cleaning 

Foodservice wipes make up 12% of the overall industrial and institutional wipes volume. Suominen’s nonwovens are perfectly applicable to the food service market for their strong, absorbent and cloth-like properties. Different colors are optional which can be used in a color-coding program to differentiate areas of use in a foodservice facility. Suominen’s FIBRELLA® products are apertured and work best in foodservice applications because of the exceptional dirt and particle pick up capabilities. 

General cleaning is the most common market in industrial and institutional segment, and it covers 67 % of it. Offices and other facilities like hospitals or universities are places where general cleaning must be done according to high standards and within a tight schedule. Suominen's nonwovens have textures designed to have ideal dirt pick-up. 


Increased attention to cleanliness and remains good for the environment through our BIOLACE® and GENESIS® family of products. COVID’s influence will undoubtedly keep disinfectant cleaning top of mind for the near future with the unprecedented growth in the disinfecting wipe category even before the pandemic. 

Our nonwoven knowledge and capabilities have produced a range of technologies including spunlace, wetlaid, and SPC that are not only compatible with your preferred choice of disinfectant but offer ideal cleaning performance across a range of cleaning tasks. Suominen offers substrates that are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered with formulations from recognized suppliers such as Lonza and Stepan. 

Wetlaid substrates for workplace applications 

Wetlaid substrates have been a common choice for Household cleaning over the years and the principal attributes that have made them popular in homes are just as significant and applicable in Workplace environmentsSuominen’s GENESIS® and HYDRASPUN® products have high sustainable on: 

Lotion Management –  Pulp based substrates have high absorption capacity, which is beneficial when fluids are being absorbed and they also offer controlled release of liquids when cleaning solutions are being employed.  

Strength –  Dimensional stability of material delivers durability in converting and in use. While strong, our materials process easily, while still providing cleaning efficacy when in use. Our GENESIS product line offers several heavier basis weight offerings that are ideal for serious cleaning often found in institutional settings. 

Texture –  Our substrates are engineered with specific fiber combinations that enhance surface contact and dirt/particle pick-up.  

Sustainable Content –  With pulp content of at least 60% in GENESIS® products and 75% in HYDRASPUN® grades, both substrates can make a strong claim of sustainability, minimizing harm to the environment while at the same time providing the practical benefits that come from continual cleaning. 

Our range of products clearly meets the demands of the marketplace and wetlaid options can be a suitable alternative in areas where spunlace is commonly found.