Softness from nature, BIOLACE® Bamboo

Bamboo is a perennial grass that is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. It can quickly regrow after harvest making it an ideal tree and plastic free alternative for other renewable raw materials. As a pioneer in sustainable nonwoven innovations, Suominen launched last year BIOLACE® Bamboo to answer the need of the market for more sustainable nonwovens.

Designed for dry and wet wipes, BIOLACE® Bamboo delivers superior dry-softness and cleanability to various wiping applications, it also meets the standards of a sustainable product. BIOLACE® Bamboo offers a luxurious feeling by being the softest biodegradable alternative to viscose and cotton nonwovens that are typically used in wipes. BIOLACE® Bamboo’s dry texture can be described to resemble a mixture of cashmere and silk. 

Multiple end-uses  

BIOLACE® Bamboo has been developed to deliver luxurious softness together with excellent cleaning efficiency which makes it a perfect solution for sensitive skin. Not only delivering excellent cleanability, but this nonwoven product has also exceptionally low linting. Therefore BIOLACE® Bamboo meets the needs of sustainable cleaning of hard surfaces like glass as leaving less dust behind than other biodegradable products. 

All products in Suominen’s sustainable BIOLACE® product family are made exclusively from renewable plant based raw materials and are both biodegradable and compostable.