HYDRASPUN® for convenient bathroom cleaning

Since introducing the dispersible nonwoven category, the HYDRASPUN® family has set the standard for moist toilet tissue offerings. HYDRASPUN® product use continues to grow among consumers and has even expanded into areas beyond personal care.

Being as strong as a similar market equivalent but the non-dispersible solution, HYDRASPUN® offers excellent plastic free options for cleaning the bathroom in a convenient and sustainable way. Even though dispersible, HYDRASPUN® has shown to have as good wet cleanability on hard surfaces as the non-dispersible market equivalent, with similar strength but higher thickness for higher quality aesthetics. Depending on the customer's needs for a convenient bathroom experience, the HYDRASPUN® family has an optimized solution for cleaning and moist toilet tissues.  

As this trend advances, Suominen continues to ensure that HYDRASPUN® products offer the highest level of value, performance, and environmental safety. 


HYDRASPUN® product family provides a full range of strength and dispersibility options. All the products in the range are also compliant with GD4 - the latest INDA/EDANA flushability guidelines. In addition, HYDRASPUN® Royal is the first flushable substrate to receive Fine to Flush Manufacturer's Generic Certificate from Water UK.  

HYDRASPUN® Plus has good dispersibility and first-level strength. Due to its strength, it is a perfect choice even for tough bathroom wiping. HYDRASPUN® Plus is in line with industry INDA/EDANA guideline for nonwoven flushability.  

HYDRASPUN® Royal is an excellent choice for bathroom wiping due to its exceptional dispersibility and cleanability. In addition to Fine to Flush certification, HYDRASPUN® Royal is in line with other recognized flushability guidelines. It can achieve 91 % dispersion in 8 minutes, highlighting its safety for both septic and sewer systems. 

In addition to good cleanability, HYDRASPUN® Essential has a premium hand feel, making bathroom wiping easy when you can flush the wipe after using it, without fear of blockages in sewer systems. HYDRASPUN® Essential is in line with industry INDA/EDANA guideline for nonwoven flushability

Remaining environmentally responsible 

HYDRASPUN® products use 100 % cellulosic, compostable fibers that carry independent certifications for being environmentally responsible. Since their inception, HYDRASPUN® products have been engineered with a consciousness toward the environment. This stance is unchanged and demonstrates how Suominen has been a frontrunner in sustainability and industry innovation.