BIOLACE® Pure, a 3-layered and 100% Plant Based Solution

BIOLACE® Pure meets consumer expectations for a superior wipe material with its 3-layered structure. It has a textile-like, natural feel and superior cleanability compared to standard 100% viscose nonwoven. 


BIOLACE® Pure has a textile-like, natural feel and superior cleanability.

BIOLACE® Pure is a 100% natural solution made of biodegradable, compostable, and renewable plant-based fibers and wood pulp. During the manufacturing process, high pressured water jets lock the cellulosic fibers together without the use of any chemical binders or plastics

High lotion lead and controlled release

BIOLACE® Pure is a 3-layer structure made of natural cellulosic fibers. The pulp core enhances absorption while outer layers create optimal liquid management and distribution. The soft outer layers ensure that the wipe cleans effectively, taking care of the gentle skin. The BIOLACE® Pure material is very stable and has superior absorption and cleaning power making it an excellent substrate for wet wipes. 

In addition, Suominen has created even better cleaning power with patterning and using pulp as the mid-layer. The new pattern increases the thickness up to 20% compared to non-patterned material. With better features, BIOLACE® Pure allows the user to be even more satisfied after the use of the product. 

Caring for the environment 

Environmental consciousness is growing, and people understand more of the impact of daily consumer choices. Using environmentally friendly raw materials and product development is not an option anymore but a new normal. BIOLACE® Pure’s 3-layer material has better cleaning properties than 100% viscose nonwovens but also has a lower carbon footprint (Cradle-to-Gate approach) and thus lower environmental impact.