Acting responsibly, globally and locally

Suominen’s Sustainability agenda covers several responsibility-related themes. In addition to sustainable manufacturing and products, we also focus on the wellbeing of our people and on being responsible corporate citizens wherever we operate. Suominen wants to be a good, caring employer and socially responsible corporate citizen and thus promotes the wellbeing of both our employees and the communities near our operations. Doing good locally is one of the ways we support our neighboring communities. Being able to help their own communities also makes our people feel happy and proud, and it supports their overall well-being. 

Support during COVID-19 

When the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic hit in Italy, the local Suominen Mozzate plant donated – instead of selling – nonwovens to associations like the Red Cross and the Civil Protection Department. In March 2020, there was a serious shortage of materials used for personal protection products.

"In this crisis situation, all Suominen employees in Italy realized that in our own small way we could support the community that hosts our plant. Being able to help also boosts our own resilience through this difficult period. ," says Emiliano Mazzola, Plant Director, Italy.

In 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Alicante plant in Spain donated nonwovens to five hospitals in the area to help them when they ran out of material for personal protection and sanitary products. As no employee Christmas Lunch was held, due to COVID-19 restrictions, Alicante donated a sum corresponding to the cost of the lunch to APADIS (an association supporting mentally disabled persons), to the CARITAS charity association, and to several local sports organizations and festival associations.

Active part of communities 

Suominen employees working at Windsor Locks “adopt” local families in need during the holiday season. Working with the dedicated people at the Windsor Locks Social Services adopt six to eight families each year and ensure that the wish list of each child is fulfilled. It is always a great joy to be able to deliver bags of wrapped gifts back to the Social Service office to be distributed to a family that might otherwise not be able to provide Christmas gifts to their children.

"This tradition started already in 1767 when Seth Dexter founded a sawmill and grist mill in a township of Windsor, which later became the town of Windsor Locks. Over the generations, the Dexter mill was the heart of the small town of Windsor Locks, providing employment and support to the community. Today, the operations that once started as a sawmill are part of the leading nonwoven producer Suominen. However, one thing has remained steadfast for all these years – the commitment to the local Windsor Locks community," says HR Manager Kathleen Vita.

Work opportunities for young people and donations to local schools in Nakkila  

"Our plant offers internships for vocational school students, apprenticeship training opportunities, and work practice jobs for junior high school students. We also do our best to offer summer job opportunities to local young people", says HR Senior Specialist Päivi Nieminen. 

In Finland, Suominen’s Nakkila plant regularly donates nonwovens to daycares and schools for use in making crafts and decorations. Nonwovens have also been given to the local animal protection association and the homestead museum.