Suominen offers customized solutions for hygiene products

Suominen offers customized solutions for hygiene products

It takes lots of expertize to create best-in class disposable hygiene products: Multiple layers of different materials need to be integrated to reach the optimal combination of fluid management and comfort. With the increase in consumer choice, the constructions need to be perfectly tailored to the requirements of the multitude of applications.

Technology is driving the trend of customization and the multitude of features and options keeps growing.

“Consumers want customized products that fit their lifestyle and age, are safe and improve wearer comfort,” says Johanna Sirén, Assistant Product Manager for Hygiene at Suominen. “This is why we have developed our portfolio to provide customized solutions for all applications in baby care, feminine hygiene and adult care.”

Unique service available

Suominen offers the unique service of making mock-ups to configure new constructions to create innovative absorbent hygiene products with excellent rewet and wicking properties. The results help us guide our customers in selecting the best combinations of layers.

FIBRELLA® Move for high-performance at reduced weight

For example, in acquisition and distribution layers (ADL), our FIBRELLA® Move portfolio has a solution for each application: pantyliners, pads, light and heavy incontinence products and baby diapers. Superior masking and fast and steady strike through properties differentiate FIBRELLA® Move products from other technologies while also delivering tailored loftiness and outstanding softness.

FIBRELLA® Lite to support elasticity

One-size-fits all is no longer enough because consumers expect products to adapt no matter what they do or where they go. Suominen’s award-winning FIBRELLA® Lite portfolio offers nonwovens that are able to support elastic constructions that need to offer superior user comfort through softness, high extensibility and excellent recovery.

New solutions coming up

Within the next few months, our Hygiene portfolio will be extended with outstanding solutions for other absorbent hygiene layers especially for feminine hygiene. Suominen is also launching superior solutions for more sustainable absorbent hygiene products, which is a fast-growing trend influenced by legislation and consumer preferences.

“With our R&D capabilities we have been able to develop more sustainable topsheet and ADL materials that outperform competing products. Eco-friendly product is no longer a compromise in performance for the consumer,” Johanna concludes.

If you are interested in creating customized solutions for hygiene products, please contact us to schedule a meeting at Outlook 2018 in Dubrovnik or at Hygienix 2018 in Orlando, Florida.