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Suominen sets a new standard for moist toilet tissue – HYDRASPUN® Aquaflo

Market Challenge  

It’s no secret that wipe materials have received negative press for being suspected as the main contributors to waste system blockages. While we’re confident that our materials have always met all published standards for dispersibility, the goal with HYDRASPUN® Aquaflo was to go a step beyond that. Dry toilet tissue is generally recognized as the material that breaks down most readily in sewer systems, so we designed HYDRASPUN® Aquaflo to match that standard. And we succeeded!  

HYDRASPUN® Aquaflo dispersibility can reasonably establish it as a “wet toilet tissue” in normal consumer use. 



Disperses just like dry toilet tissue 

With HYDRASPUN® Aquaflo Suominen has raised the moist toilet tissue segment to a new level.  

The product is premium in terms of texture and feel, delivering a better consumer experience. But beyond that, the product has been engineered to disperse just like dry toilet tissue, giving users peace of mind that it won't disrupt sewer or septic systems. Having originated the dispersible nonwoven category reinforces Suominen’s frontrunner status in industry innovation. 

Suominen’s new flushable nonwovens substrate, HYDRASPUN® Aquaflo passed the stringent standards for dispersibility set by both the International Water Service Flushability Group (IWSFG) and INDA/EDANA (GD4) in independent testing.  

“We are extremely proud to launch HYDRASPUN® Aquaflo. Its 100% cellulosic fiber composition is evidence of sustainable origins and its capability to fully and rapidly break down in wastewater provides biodegradability in disposal, giving consumers an end-to-end eco-friendly solution for personal care. Dry toilet tissue is recognized as the material most capable of breaking down in sewer systems and HYDRASPUN® Aquaflo was developed with this result in mind, “says Andrew Charleston, Manager, Category Management, Americas. 

Premium feel, fully dispersible and sustainable   

Not only does HYDRASPUN® Aquaflo deliver superior dispersibility, its a composition of cellulosic raw materials makes it environmentally friendly, from having sustainable inputs to being biodegradable in waste streams.  

Suominen proudly presenting HYDRASPUN® Aquaflo :  


Suominen Vision:  

Frontrunner for nonwovens innovation and sustainability.  

Delivering continuous improvement, industry-leading innovation and responsible development, HYDRASPUN® Aquaflo is a clear illustration of the Suominen vision as it sets a new standard in flushable nonwovens.