Blind hiring

Suominen utilizes so-called blind hiring, a pioneering recruitment process.

We follow the blind hiring principle in new recruitment when possible, to promote diversity and to ensure equal opportunities when applying for a job. As a result, the hiring manager will receive and assess candidates’ applications and resumes without any personal data on them. The masked data includes, for example, the applicant’s full name, gender, ethnicity and age. This minimizes the possibility of unconscious biases affecting the recruitment process.

Most of the personal data of applicants is irrelevant to Suominen. We want to evaluate candidates solely on their merits.


Basically, the blind hiring process consists of three phases:

  1. We define pivotal selection criteria, which are objective, quantifiable and based on the job description. They could include, for example, a specific degree or long-term experience in some tasks.

  2. If we assign an external recruitment consultant to support us, our briefing describes what kind of professional we are looking for. The consultant assesses all applications using the set criteria and selects the first, large group of candidates. If we run the hiring process in-house, Suominen HR conducts the first phases of the process.

  3. The hiring manager receives candidates’ applications and résumés without any personal data on them. The manager reduces the size of the group of potential candidates by evaluating the candidates’ anonymous applications and résumés. This ensures that applicants are assessed only on their merits. Their identities are not revealed to the manager before the interview phase.

After a successful pilot in 2015, blind hiring was defined as the default approach at Suominen. We aim to utilize the principle in new recruitments when possible, including top management.

Blind hiring is a strategic program for us, as it enables us to promote diversity and ensure equal opportunities and, as such, is a vital part of the ‘Operating sustainably across the company’ focus area of Suominen’s sustainability strategy. In addition, the blind hiring principle is underpinned by the Code of Conduct of Suominen, which prohibits all discrimination.