Joni Naski

Manager, Maintenance, Nakkila

I began working at Suominen as an electrical automation technician in late 2002. I worked at Suominen for about two years, after which I went to study at a university of applied sciences. However, my employment relationship remained valid, and I worked occasionally for Suominen during my studies. As I was reaching the final stages of my studies, my employment contract was renewed and expanded to include such things as the design of a new automation system for the wastewater treatment plant, which was also my final project.

I prepared new electrical diagrams for the wastewater treatment plant, programmed the automation system and control rooms and designed the data transmission network between the wastewater treatment plant and the factory. The plans were implemented in late 2006. Once I graduated, my job title was changed to electrical engineer and my job description included both maintenance and projects

Joni Naski

In 2010, I was promoted as head of factory services, which is also my current position at the Nakkila plant, although the title has been changed to Maintenance Manager. My work is always interesting thanks to the good variety of the tasks, which can be nicely challenging at times. The production lines are running around the clock and problems with them must be solved whenever they occur.

In recent times I’ve been working on the second-biggest project of my career, which concerns the development of our production line. My tasks have included forest management, demanding problem-solving on production lines and everything in between. It’s incredibly rewarding to solve a difficult problem, either alone or with others.

The best thing about Suominen is indeed the excellent team spirit. In my free time I spend quality time with my fam-ily and take my children to their hobbies. I have also worked as the head of the Nakkila volunteer fire brigade for seven years. In total, I’ve been involved in volunteer fire brigade work for 33 years, and we get up to 140 alerts per year. I also have a side business as the operating manager of electrical appliances. Some of my time is also spent on our century-old house which I am renovating thoroughly. It’s taken me 12 years (2022) so far, and currently I’m working on an extension upstairs, hoping to get it ready next year.