Workplace wipes


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  • Three-layer product construction offers a thick, substantial cleaning product.
  • Low stretch of product and staple fibers give significant strength.
  • Extremely efficient in dirt pick-up.
  • Good lotion management through gradual release.
  • Product can be modified with a variety of patterns that communicate soft and clean.

Recommended usage

●●● Light duty general purpose wiping

●●● Personal cleaning

●● Medium duty general purpose wiping

(• = Good, •• = Better, ••• = Best)

General specifications

Basis weight range

40–80 gsm

Available fibers

PET, pulp, spunbond

Available customizations

Big Dot, Tweed, Oblique pattern, Designer Series patterns



Contact Person

Product Manager, Workplace

Vish Mazumder +1 860 713 9037