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GENESIS® Pro 6000

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  • Engineered to deliver higher caliper even with a lighter spectrum of products. Thicker wiper in wet and dry state provides a premium feel and better performance. 
  • GENESIS® Pro is stronger than competing materials. It is durable for the toughest
    jobs and extended use.
  • Higher absorption capacity and absorption rate provide the best wiper for handling spills. Fastest "wipe dry" on the market allows to quickly dry surface from oil and other liquids. 
  • Binder free composition gives confidence when used with chemical liquids.
  • Hydroentangling results in even look without patchy spots. It is surface resistant to abrasion and does not delaminate while in use. GENESIS® Pro TEx deliveres branded look for recognition and improved dirt capture.

Recommended usage

●●● Light duty general purpose wiping

●●● Medium duty general purpose wiping

●●● Heavy duty industrial & institutional wiping

●●● Personal cleaning

●●● Food service

Extra heavy duty industrial & institutional wiping

(• = Good, •• = Better, ••• = Best)

General specifications

Basis weight range

65 gsm

Available fibers

Binder free, spunbond, wood pulp

Available customizations

Smooth, embossed, GENESIS® TEx patterns


White, blue, red

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