Hygiene products

Nonwovens for dry and fast absorbent hygiene products

Suominen nonwovens for hygiene products have been designed to outperform the competition in various end-products within feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products in addition to baby diapers. Hygiene product portfolio has been designed by Suominen's Fluid management and Skin wellness experts to satisfy today’s and tomorrow's consumers' need to feel dry, comfortable and secure.

Typical end-uses

Acquisition and Distribution Layer (ADL) Topsheet Laminated to elastic side panel and diaper ear
BIOLACE® Cozy •••
BIOLACE® Move •••
FIBRELLA® Cozy •••
FIBRELLA® Lite •••
FIBRELLA® Move •••
FIBRELLA® Combo ••• •••

(• = Good, •• = Better, ••• = Best)

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