Flushable wipes

HYDRASPUN® Essential

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  • High dispersibility in 10 minutes
  • Optimal strength in use
  • Increased softness in hand
  • In line with industry INDA/EDANA standards for flushability

Recommended usage

●●● Tensile Strength

●● Flushability

●● Softness

●● Opacity

●● Bulkiness

(• = Good, •• = Better, ••• = Best)

General specifications

Basis weight range

55–60 gsm

Available fibers

Cellulosic fibers



Available certificates and registrations

FSC®, PEFC, exceeds GD4 Guidelines

Contact Person

Email addresses are in the form firstname.lastname@suominencorp.com

Manager, Category Management, Americas

Andrew D. Charleston

Manager, Category Management, Europe

Johanna Kivistö