The ability to stand out in a crowd is a good way to attract a consumer’s eye. Making your nonwoven product clearly different from someone else’s can bring advantage and value to your marketing and sales activities.

Ecological choices



Consumers, globally, are looking for more and more eco-friendly products and they are more educated in their selection of brands which match their expectations. Suominen provides nonwoven solutions to these choices.

Fluid management


Nonwovens are used extensively every day in the control of various liquids, water, oil, blood, milk, to name but a few. Whether it is for absorption or adsorption, fabrics from Suominen can be manufactured to meet the needs of the specific end use.



Making a material which is totally safe to flush down the toilet is something that Suominen can be justly proud of. Using dispersion technology, flushable nonwoven wipes from Suominen break apart into small fibers in the presence of water, in a similar way to toilet roll. 



Whether you are wiping a baby’s bottom or cleaning a floor, you need the right nonwoven for its intended use. In medical use, remaining lint free in a critical environment is often a required attribute, just as one example.

Touch & feel


How a fabric feels on the skin is a very important factor in selecting which to use for a variety of personal and other applications. How a nonwoven can be processed into a wipe or garment is equally important to the converting industry.