Throughout history, our purpose in Suominen has been to make life easier and healthier for people. We strongly believe in this mission and strive to incorporate it in everything we do.

The needs of our customers and end-users drive our all operations. In parallel, we respect greatly the indispensable contribution by our employees, financers, suppliers and communities. When we succeed in adding value to the operations of our customers and to the lives of our employees, we will be able to fulfill our responsibilities to other stakeholders, too, including our shareholders.

Our long-term goal is to be In the Lead of the market. This ambitious target will require us to act in many ways as role models and, thus, adhere with the highest ethical and moral standards in everything we do.

Code of Conduct


At Suominen, we work with a cool head, warm heart and clean hands. The Code of Conduct is written to clarify what this saying means in our daily work. The Code strives to provide you with a comprehensive but concise perception on the ethical guidelines to be followed at Suominen. In addition, it will advise what to do if you suspect that any kind of unethical actions are being taken within Suominen or by anyone working at the company.

Code of Conduct in English (pdf)

Code of Conduct in Finnish (pdf)

Code of Conduct in Spanish (pdf)

Code of Conduct in Italian (pdf)

Code of Conduct in Brazilian Portuguese (pdf)

Supplier Code of Conduct


Suominen's Supplier Code of Conduct establishes the standards for conducting business with Suominen.

Supplier Code of Conduct

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