Economic responsibility

The year 2016 did not change Suominen’s position as an economically vital company. Net sales growth, healthy profitability, strong cash flow and a solid financial position are prerequisites in the long term for meeting our financial obligations to our various stakeholders and contributing to increasing general economic well-being.

At the end of 2016, we started working on expanding Suominen’s tax reporting as a part of future Annual Reports to make our economic impacts more transparent going forward.


Direct financial impact in 2016



Net sales EUR 416.9 million

Suominen’s major customers include, e.g., global consumer brands and private label manufacturers.


Wages and salaries EUR 35.9 million

Suominen employed some 650 people in Europe and in North and South America in 2016.

Business partners

Materials and services EUR 307.5 million

Suominen purchases raw materials and other products and services from local and international business partners.


Corporate income taxes paid EUR 6.3 million

Suominen is a significant employer in the communities where we operate, which makes us a promoter of general well-being


Net financial expenses EUR 3.2 million



Approximately EUR 5.0 million in total were paid as dividends in 2016 from the financial year 2015.

On 31 December 2016, Suominen had 4,862 shareholders.