Medical products

Superior features and functionality for medical products

"We believe that well performing products can improve patients´ quality of life and help health professionals work more efficiently. Our nonwovens bring superior features and functionality to our customers products, as an example, softer surfaces to maintain skin wellness or bringing enhanced absorption to critical zones in surgical drapes."

Marika Mäkilä, Product Manager, Medical

Typical end-uses

Wound care Surgical drapes Patient cleaning Medical wipes Cast paddings
BIOLACE® Cotton ••• •••
FIBRELLA® Perf ••• ••• •• ••
FIBRELLA® Zorb+ •••
HYDRASPUN® Plus ••• •••
NOVONETTE® ••• •••
SPC™ •• ••
SPC™ Hydratexture ••• ••

(• = Good, •• = Better, ••• = Best)

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Available products

Contact Person

Product Manager, Medical

Marika Mäkilä +358 10 214 5234