Household wipes


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  • Low linting during use.
  • Combination of natural and synthetic fibers produce a good all-around product.
  • Processing options such as thermal embossing, hydro embossing and arperturing can produce texture variations suitable for different applications.

Recommended usage

●●● Dry floor

●● Wet floor

●● Window & glass

Hard surface disinfection

General purpose

Bathroom & toilet

(• = Good, •• = Better, ••• = Best)

General specifications

Basis weight range

40–100 gsm

Available fibers

Polyester, Viscose

Available customizations

Patterns: Design Series patterns, Apertured, Big Dot, Squares, Plain


White, green, yellow, pink, blue

Available certificates and registrations


Contact Person

Category Manager, Home, Americas

Andrew D. Charleston +1 860 373 2619

Assistant Category Manager, Home, Europe

Hanna Reiman +358 50 5217 973