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Baby – Enabling caring and cleaning through intended design

Suominen believes that caring for children is the beginning of building and sustaining your legacy. We want to ensure you have the product you need by finding it within our current portfolio or creating a unique and exciting innovations specifically for your need.

Typical end-uses

Baby cleaning Sensitive Baby Natural Baby
BIOLACE® •• ••• •••
BIOLACE® Air ••• ••• •••
BIOLACE® Bamboo ••• ••• •••
BIOLACE® Silva ••• •••
BIOLACE® Pure ••• ••• •••
BIOLACE® Ultrasoft ••• ••• •••
FIBRELLA® Ultrasoft •• •••
SPC™ ••• ••
SPC™ Soft ••• •• ••
BIOLACE® Cashmere ••• •••

(• = Good, •• = Better, ••• = Best)

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Available products


BIOLACE® is produced from natural, renewable raw materials. BIOLACE® products are 100% biodegradable and compostable.


BIOLACE® Air is a multi-layer structure made of wood pulp and other cellulosic fibers providing optimal cleaning properties.


BIOLACE® Bamboo is designed to deliver superior softness and sustainable cleanability making it suitable for sensitive skin.


BIOLACE® Silva is a biodegradable nonwoven with exceptional cleaning performance and a cloth-like look and feel.


BIOLACE® Pure - Ecofriendly 3-layer solution combining softness and strength of carded fibers with premium cleaning and opacity of pulp.

BIOLACE® Ultrasoft

BIOLACE® Ultrasoft provides premium softness for sensitive skin when dry and wet combined with excellent cleanability.


FIBRELLA® is an extremely soft nonwoven substrate that offers many opportunities for adding textures, patterns and designs such as hydro and thermal embossing.

FIBRELLA® Ultrasoft

FIBRELLA® Ultrasoft has unique softness combined with strength and good cleaning properties.


SPC™ products are binder free materials with a three-layer structure, thanks to a unique process.

SPC™ Soft

SPC™ Soft is gentle to the skin with its textile like texture.

BIOLACE® Cashmere

BIOLACE® Cashmere is our most premium product providing butter softness combined with superior cleaning properties.BIOLACE® Cashmere utilizes natural fibers used in many hypoallergenic products today providing exceptional care for sensitive skin.

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