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In an industrial and professional workplace environment, there are two key considerations for business owners.

The first is the health and safety of employees whilst operating in the workplace and customers whilst in receipt of your service. The second is ensuring the cost effectiveness. Suominen’s nonwovens, in the form of wipes, play a critical role, in supporting both of these considerations.

The key to a good workplace wipe is to provide the user with a time-saving solution that provides tangible cost in use. For example, using a wipe that is engineered to mop up an oily spill will be more effective than a low-cost, all-purpose option.

As the globalization of health and safety practices at workplaces come more into focus, wipes continue to be a preferred option over traditional textiles. This supports growth rates in wipes for workplace use.

Whether your working environment is a fast food restaurant, a health-care facility or a factory workshop – if it needs a wipe that is wet, dry, absorbent or strong, for polishing, for disinfecting or for use with solvents and degreasers – Suominen’s technology portfolio can help you meet this extensive array of requirements.

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Available products

AIRLACE™ for Workplace

Airlace™ for Workplace delivers unbeatable combination of strength, absorbency and low linting for professional wiping applications, such as general purpose workplace wipes.


A bulky three layer fabric, based on a blend of pulp and other cellulosic or synthetic fibers.


BIOLACE® Cotton is very thick, soft and lofty nonwoven substrate. Being made of pure cotton, it is 100% biodegradable and holds the Seal of Cotton.


FIBRELLA® is an extremely soft substrate that offers many opportunities for adding textures, patterns and designs such as hydro and thermal embossing.

GENESIS® Composite

GENESIS® Composites are soft and durable cloth-like products that are latex binder-free and provide good lotion distribution and converting characteristics.   

GENESIS® Pro All Purpose

GENESIS® Pro All Purpose is the strongest professional wipes material on the market, both wet and dry. It has the highest thickness, unbeatable absorption capacity and also the fastest absorption.

GENESIS® with Hydratexture™

GENESIS® with Hydratexture™ builds further upon GENESIS’ value (strength, low lint, cleaning of pulp, convertability) with its clear and visible patterning.

HERCULES™ Nonwoven

HERCULES™ Nonwoven is an extremely strong substrate.

SPC™ Nonwoven

SPC™ Nonwovens are binder free materials with a three layer structure thanks to a unique process.


SUOMINEN Wetlaid is thin, yet strong nonwoven, with good absorbency.

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