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Nonwovens that extend the comforts of home

People today are engaged in multiple leisure activities outside their homes and workplaces. Additionally, global business activity has many of us travelling extensively as part of our everyday working life. As a result, we find ourselves increasingly on the go with a need for products that we would traditionally use at home.

Nonwovens have a role to play everywhere we go. On a picnic, at the zoo or cinema, on holiday or even on a car drive – you name it – wipes are a must have to ensure a clean and healthy day out for the whole family. No matter where you are you will always find nonwovens. So, whilst on your latest business trip you are in a restaurant with a napkin in hand, or on a plane or a train with a headrest behind you, you can guarantee nonwovens are playing their part in protecting you.

Suominen’s nonwoven products serve all these needs with proven properties which make them ideal substrates to be used in wipes and catering products. The range of different properties required to meet the needs whilst out and about, including antibacterial, absorbency, strength are at the core of Suominen’s product portfolio. What is more, our product development continuously improves existing products in line with global consumers’ needs.

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