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Gentle, effective and flushable – wipes for improved personal care

Skin-friendliness and effective cleansing properties are essential in personal care wipes, whether used for facial cleansing, make-up removal, refreshing or intimate care. In any case, the wipes are in frequent contact with sensitive human skin, which sets the bar high for nonwovens used in the product. Moreover, demanding end users crave biodegradable products for natural skin care and unquestionable flushability that makes using wipes more convenient. We at Suominen know this and are up for the challenge.

Personal care wipes should do more than just clean. That is the ideal we work for. Thanks to Suominen’s know-how in textures and patterns, we are able to enhance wipes functionalities such as cleansing and exfoliating for dead skin cell removal. Together with added lotions and detergents, our multi-layer substrates enable wipes manufacturers to produce multi-benefit wiping products.

We take pride in Suominen’s innovations in wipes technology. In personal hygiene, our most influential and game-changing innovation is flushable wipes, which our people invented and commercialized already in the 1990s. Today, with its HYDRASPUN® Dispersible products, Suominen continues to produce the best flushable nonwovens. They can be flushed down the toilet without a doubt – safe in the knowledge that it will cause no harm to consumer home systems and wastewater system.

Suominen’s product offering provides all the technical features for exceptional personal care wipes. And we also know a thing or two about design that offers differentiation. We never stop thinking of new ways to expand our range of nonwovens for personal hygiene and if we cannot deliver a ready solution, we will develop a new one – tailored to expectations.

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