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The healthcare sector sets very demanding performance and quality requirements for all products – also for nonwovens. Suominen’s offering meets these demands, thanks to our ability to produce value-adding nonwoven products in high-quality manufacturing environment, using standardized methods.

With our expertise in raw materials and technologies, we are able to manufacture substrates that are tailor-made to match specific customer and patient needs, requirements and also global standards. The desired properties may vary from softness, skin-friendliness and conformability to strength and high absorption.

Our nonwovens for medical products can be used in a wide range of applications where safety, comfort and high performance are required – from wound care to patient cleaning. In addition, when it comes to operating room essentials, we cover everything, from head to toe. Our surgical materials are often unseen but they add value, for instance, in linings for caps, and comfort layers and ties for masks and gowns. In surgical drapes, Suominen’s nonwovens bring enhanced fluid management in critical zones.


Available products


Produced from natural, renewable raw materials, BIOLACE® is 100% biodegradable and compostable nonwoven.


A bulky three layer fabric, based on a blend of pulp and other cellulosic or synthetic fibers.


BIOLACE® Cotton is very thick, soft and lofty nonwoven substrate. Being made of pure cotton, it is 100% biodegradable and holds the Seal of Cotton.


FIBRELLA® is an extremely soft substrate that offers many opportunities for adding textures, patterns and designs such as hydro and thermal embossing.


Superior levels of safety and extreme softness are outstanding features of the FIBRELLA® Perf range.


FIBRELLA® Wrap is soft and skin-friendly nonwoven, which makes it an outstanding option for undercast paddings. It is strong enough to be applied in a circular fashion while can also be easily torn when needed.


Supreme absorbency is the defining characteristic of FIBRELLA® Zorb, our advanced lightweight substrate for top layer materials in surgical drapes. 


FIBRELLA® Zorb+ is specifically developed for fluid management in surgical drapes.


The new HYDRASPUN® Plus substrates are three times more dispersible than the standard HYDRASPUN® substrates.


NOVELLA™ is a highly versatile nonwoven for anything from baby blankets to medical wipes.

SPC® Soft Nonwoven

SPC™ Soft Nonwoven has outstanding strength properties in all dimensions as well as softness and excellent cleaning features.

SPC® with Hydratexture™

SPC™ with Hydratexture™ has a special pattern that delivers the bulk and texture like a real cotton towel.

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