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Hygiene products that won’t let you down

Whatever the end market – feminine hygiene, adult incontinence or baby diapers – consumers want to feel good about hygiene product. Relaxed, happy and confident that they won’t be let down.

Working closely with our customers, we will tailor our materials to match every need. With plants across three continents, we are constantly developing our insights into the possibilities of fibers – including renewable fibres – and technologies. So we are well equipped to help our customers strengthen their position in the market, everywhere in the world.

Suominen’s objective is always total reassurance for customers and consumers.Our soft topsheet and surface materials feel comfortable against the skin and provide smoothness and breathability. Our products for inner layers have been designed to distribute liquids and products for core materials will ensure absorbency. We deliver standardized products made in high-quality manufacturing environment that satisfies the stringent requirements set for hygiene products.


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Assistant Product Manager, Hygiene

Johanna Sirén +358 10 214 5630