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Special wipes for all household surfaces

Everyone wants to live in a clean and neat home. To make the cleaning routines as convenient and easy as possible, there is a wide variety of wipes available. Be it dusting, cleaning, scrubbing, polishing – whatever the surface material is – there is always a wiping product to use.

Consumers want their household wipes to clean well while being of good value. They also want quick and easy to use products which can protect the health of the whole family. We utilize our own innovations and work with our customers to develop the most effective solutions to these needs.

Suominen nonwoven products serve all household needs with proven properties, including flushability and compostability. Our absorbent nonwoven fabrics are the key components of any high-quality wet or dry cleaning wipes. Nonwoven materials are also used in dusting and floor cleaning wipes that use static electricity to grab dirt. Our low-linting fabrics are perfect for disinfecting purposes, as well as cleaning glass screens and mirrors. Think of any surface – including electronic equipment, computers, leather chairs. There are special wipes for everything.

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