For flushable wipes

HYDRASPUN® – Flushable without a doubt

Consumers like to use individual and disposable wipes for all sorts of purposes. Mostly they like the convenience of using a relatively low cost item to perform a cleaning or wiping task – and throw the wipe away after use.

For some purposes, especially in the bathroom, that convenience is even more enhanced if the wipe can be safely flushed down the toilet – safe in the knowledge that it will cause no harm to consumer home systems and wastewater system.

This is exactly why Suominen developed its game-changing HYDRASPUN® products for use as the base material in moist toilet wipes and bathroom cleaning wipes. Unlike other wipes which are not at all flushable, products made from HYDRASPUN® substrates have been designed not only to comply with but to surpass the latest international flushability tests, as devised by the nonwovens industry bodies INDA and EDANA. This ensures that wipes made of Suominen’s HYDRASPUN® nonwovens are totally safe to be flushed.

Video: How does HYDRASPUN® Plus flushable nonwoven perform?


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