The new Suominen turned five

1 November 2016

CEO presentations

Presentation in a private investor event on 18 November 2014 (in Finnish)

CEO interviews

Comments on Q1/2016 (in Finnish)
Comments after the AGM 2016
(in Finnish)

Comments on Q4 and FY2015 results (in Finnish)
Comments on Q3/2015 results
(in Finnish)
Comments on Q2/2015 results (in Finnish)

Interview in the Annual General Meeting on 19 March 2015 (in Finnish)
Interview in a private investor event on 18 November 2014 (in Finnish)
Interview after the Capital Markets Day on 12 November 2014 (in Finnish)

Comments on Q1/2015 results (in Finnish)

Comments on Q3/2014 results (in Finnish)
Comments on Q2/2014 results (in Finnish)
Comments on Q1/2014 results (in Finnish)

Suominen's year 2013 (in Finnish)

Strategic updates

View the strategic updates by Nina Kopola, President & CEO of Suominen.

September 2015

Update in June 2014 
Update in October 2013
Update in May 2013
Update in November 2012 

Product videos

HYDRASPUN® Dispersible Plus

See how Suominen's new HYDRASPUN® Dispersible Plus passes the industry standard for nonwoven flushability assessment. The duration of the video is 3 minutes. Produced 2015.

"Does it flush?" EDANA video on flushable wet wipes

Ever wondered what to do with your wet wipe when you've finished using it? To get it right, check the pack, and look for the symbol.

See unique properties of Hydraspun® Dispersible Substrates in one minute.
Get quickly acquainted with the unique properties of Suominen Hydraspun® Dispersible products. The duration of the video is 1 minute. Produced 2014.

Story of Suominen’s patented Hydraspun® Dispersible Substrate.
Follow the story on the design and development of Suominen’s Hydraspun® Dispersible nonwoven. See how Suominen’s understanding of the global consumer demand led it to develop the unique patented offering of Hydraspun Dispersible Substrates. The duration of the video is 10 minutes. Produced 2014.

Hydraspun® Dispersible Substrates – Developed to be flushable by Suominen